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Image by Riski Andriansyah

Meet Wendy

Wendy Gayle, is a triple-tested and ethical psychic, whose unwavering belief in the potential for transformation and purpose drives her to guide others on their spiritual journeys.


A profound near-death experience was the catalyst for Wendy's intense spiritual awakening, completely altering the course of her life overnight. This transformative event ignited a deep passion within her to explore the realms of advanced healing, full-body trance channeling, Akashic records reading, and mediumship. She has earned certifications in an impressive sixteen healing modalities, a testament to her dedication to honing her spiritual gifts.


With over three decades of experience, Wendy has become a renowned teacher, sharing her profound knowledge with thousands of students in the art of channeling, healing, and mediumship. Often referred to as a nurturing soul facilitator, she approaches her Divine calling with a deep commitment to spirit, empowering individuals to embrace their true essence and unlock the multitude of gifts within. She finds immense joy in helping others to discover their wings and soar to new heights and wholeheartedly believes that everyone has the potential to connect with their own inner wisdom, leading them to a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


One of Wendy's most remarkable achievements is her ability to serve as a full-body trance channel and Oracle for Metatron. This divine connection allows her to access profound insights and guidance from higher realms, acting as a conduit for invaluable support and clarity to those seeking spiritual enlightenment and direction. Together, Metatron and Wendy offer profound wisdom and guidance to open the doors to your spiritual transformation.

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Meet Metatron

Metatron is, without doubt, a fascinating figure. A conduit between the divine and human realms, he represents humanity's potential for transcendence and divine communion. Although Metatron's origins are shrouded in mystery, and is interpreted in different ways across various traditions, he nonetheless holds a place of high honor in the spiritual hierarchy.

Metatron's story provides a profound narrative about mankind's spiritual potential and the bridge between the divine and mortal realms. Often referred to as the "Prince of the Countenance" or the "Chancellor of Heaven," Metatron shared with me an amazing account of his creation. He says that when Source decided to have the experience of form, Metatron was the first thing created. Source then created all things through Metatron. Metatron is very clear he is not the Creator, but that which holds the sacred geometry of all form. In essence, all things with form contain sacred geometry, so all form contains Metatron. It was truly illuminating understand how expansive and diverse he truly is.


To me Metatron is a guide, a teacher, and a friend. In my quest for understanding my connection to the divine, he has served as an reminder of the sacred within us all, a symbol of divine-human integration, and a beacon illuminating our path towards transcendence.

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